How Lightdot Outdoor String Lights Patio Decor your Patio?


The Lightdot patio string lights are made of high quality material and waterproof technology, safe, flexible and practical, to meet the lighting and decoration needs of different occasions.

There is hardly any other economical and easy way of creating a romantic ambiance or lighting a house for special occasions than using Lightdot patio string lights. The Globe String Lights are bright enough to BBQ by without a flashlight, but dim enough not to overwhelm. Perfect for entertaining or a romantic dinner!

Bistro, Cafe String lights make the bedroom absolutely enchanting. They emphasise the intimate and secure feeling of the space, radiating a calm and peaceful lighting that will help you wind down at the end of the day.Birthdays and Parties Patio string lights can be easily setup and removed if needed to put them in another location. Nothing difficult about it, all you need is take them down and move them someplace else.Restaurant G40 decoration lights creating a warm and romantic atmosphere that will make you and your friend feel relaxed and happy. Great for wedding, birthday party, Christmas, holiday celebration, party, family reunion decor. Create an unforgettable moment for you

Specification of  porch led string light

Length100 feet (Can be connected to 10 Strands)
Bulbs32+2 LED Shatterproof Bulbs
Bulb Spacing3 ft
Color Temperature2700 K
Hook Function Each socket has hanging hook above, makes it easy for hanging with guide wires, or zip ties, it is more convenient for you to hang up the patio string lights.UL Plug with spare fuse Built with weatherproof plastic material, which can withstand extreme temperatures, rain, wind, and damp climates, perfect for outdoor decoration. Safe and durable. Either with an E12 socket base and a built in spare fuse for easy replacement.Connect up to 10 strands. G40 100ft string light can connect up to 10 strands. Lightweight and portable size for easy carrying and storage.Shatterproof LED bulb Outdoor lights string with 0.8in LED filament high brightness lasts long enough to light up all night through and Plastic Globe Patio Lights Shatterproof Plastic more safety .