Get Your Wedding Lehenga Designed Your Way

Are you one of those brides who are picky about their customised dresses? Do you care about every detail that goes into the making of your customised dresses? 

If yes, don’t put your bridal lehenga in the back seat any longer. After all, it will be the ultimate charmer of all your wedding week customised dresses. So, don’t put it off and get it designed with your other wedding customised dresses.

Everybody loves brides who go creative by wearing customiswedding customised dressesed dresses, especially bridal lehenga. While some dream of wearing a designer lehenga, most prefer wearing a customised bridal lehenga, where you can add your personal touch. After all, it’s your special day, and your customised dresses deserve all the attention.

Choosing the perfect lehenga for your wedding from readymade stores is cumbersome. However, suppose you love to design your outfits and often go for women’s custom clothing. Then, what’s better than creating your wedding lehenga with the help of women’s custom clothing services?

Imagine that proud moment while walking into the wedding hall and people’s eyes gazing at you not just because you are the bride but also because you designed your own wedding lehenga through women’s custom clothing services. 

Below are a few examples of creating your wedding day lehenga with the help of women’s custom clothing services.

Pick a Unique Blouse Design

First, pair your lehenga with unique and trendy dress stitching designs. Good dress stitching designs take all the limelight and can make a difference to your wedding looks. 

So, be as picky as possible with dress stitching designs. Don’t just settle on a bare round neck and play around with your blouse’s necklines and sleeve length. Plus, opt for something out of the box like a Doli blouse in your dress stitching designs.

Recreate Your Fairytale Proposal

While your proposal is super special to you, why not flaunt them to the world uniquely with your dress stitching designs? Get your bridal lehenga dress designs for stitching personalised by adding your favourite memory from your proposal by customising it.

Remembering the 7 Vows

An Indian wedding is incomplete without Saath Phere. So customise yourself a wedding lehenga by getting all the Seven Vows embroidered on your lehenga skirt. 

This is one of the most unique ways to design your wedding day lehenga and make your dress designs for stitching one of a kind. You also get to incorporate some of your favourite embroidery techniques from around India with this design.

With a Customised Blouse

It’s in trend to get a customised name blouse for your wedding day. Therefore, customise an embroidered blouse with your groom’s name in your dress designs for stitching. It will be hard to take your eyes off this quirky blouse. You can also go for a symbol close to you and your partner’s heart.

Incorporate Personalised Latkans

Go for tassels and latkans in your dress designs for stitching. Add your wedding hashtag, date, or names to the latkans and see your bridal lehenga stand out! 

This is fool-proof and the best way to customise your lehenga, incorporating some fancy and unique latkans to the drawstring end of your lehenga or blouse tie-ups. 

They can make your dress designs for stitching gorgeous, especially when such beautiful latkan designs are available in the market. You can’t ditch incorporating them into your lehenga dress designs for stitching, from metal ones to those made with fabric, tassels and other dainty embellishments.

Add Some Ruffles, Feathers & Fringes

There’s so much new and quirky in the market that you can customise your bridal lehenga with furs, feathers, tassels and ruffles through women’s tailoring services. Some like to get the neckline of their blouses adorned with furs and feathers. 

Others opt to amp up their lehengas with tasselled embellishments on the shoulder and some ruffled dupattas from women’s tailoring services.

Outline It with Gorgeous Laces and Borders

While sourcing the raw materials for your tailor-made bridal lehenga, don’t forget to invest in a few mirror-embellished, Gotta Patti work and other fancy laces and borders. 

Your women’s tailoring service can beautifully use them to outline the hem of your bridal lehenga, the sleeves of your blouse or even your dupatta. It is indeed a stylish way to customise your lehenga.

Try Offbeat Hems

Apart from picking different necklines and sleeves for your blouse, you can opt for unique hems when customising your wedding day lehenga from women’s tailoring services. Go for scalloped lehenga edgings, fringes, ruffles, gathers or lotus petals-like hem.

When customising your lehenga, consider including some personalisations with the help of women’s tailoring services. For instance, get your initials embroidered on your lehenga skirt. 

You can be as unique as you want using women’s tailoring services. Personalisations make the outfit your own. Hence try to bring some personal touches to your lehenga to co-create a gorgeous outfit with your designer for your special day. 

In addition, you can consult the women’s custom clothing services with dress stitching designs for a few different designs for your wedding day lehenga. 

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