Tips for Bathroom Renovations Without Having To Do Work

If you want to change the style of your bathroom to make it look more current, but you do not want to have to get involved in the financial and mental wear and tear of renovating, you should know that there are some interesting tricks to achieve it.

One of the first ideas that you should take into account to renovate a bathroom without having to do work is to change the coatings without having to remove the tiles. For this, we recommend bathroom renovations specialist for a better service because it is best option.

With this type of tile you can change the style of your bathroom quickly and easily. You will simply have to cut the vinyl with a utility knife and place it on the wall to completely change your bathroom, previously removing the protective paper that comes with these pieces to be able to stick them well.

It is a very interesting idea, because it is possible to find designs that really seem to be hydraulic tiles or Metro type joint tiles. If you prefer, you can also find vinyl’s that imitate cement, and even rectified pieces.

Bathing area

In the same way, another of the ideas that you can take into account to renew your bathroom without having to do works is to change the bathroom area. To do this, you can update the shower to a more modern style or adapt it to your current needs, if for example you have children or someone with reduced mobility in your charge.

Shower screens

For this, shower screens are the best alternative, since they can help to completely change the style of a bathroom, as well as make it much safer and more functional. You can find screens adapted to bathtubs, but also many interesting options for all types of showers, including those with flat plates.

It is possible to choose between different types of enclosures and doors (sliding, fixed, various doors …) and you can also find them in many different styles, including from the simplest with thin profiles to the most charming with floral designs or original decorative vinyl.

Lavatory location

Likewise, you can also change the area of ​​the sink without having to do any works. If you still have an old-fashioned basin that incorporates a pedestal, we recommend changing it for a basin with a wall-hung unit or with a support basin, but more modern, depending on your tastes, needs and the type of style you prefer for your bathroom.

This is interesting bathroom renovations option because in addition to allowing you to update your bathroom, it will allow you to have more storage space. On the other hand, you can also assess whether your bathroom is functional. At this point, beyond the decoration, you should check the storage space.

Main and auxiliary furniture

Your furniture is more than likely out of date or not efficiently meeting your storage needs. For these cases you can choose between different models of bathroom furniture, which you can find in all kinds of different sizes that will adapt to the size of your bathroom.

For larger ones, we recommend spacious furniture full of shelves that allow you to make the most of the available space, while for small bathrooms there are low-depth cabinets with especially efficient drawers and doors.

In addition to the main furniture, the auxiliary bathroom furniture is especially functional and practical, and they are perfect whether you do not need a lot of storage space or if you need extra storage.


Another thing you can do to renovate your bathroom without having to do work is to change the lighting. Light is essential in a bathroom. In this regard, the first thing you should do is try to make the most of natural light. From here you can establish different types of lighting by zones, such as one for the bathroom area, another for the toilet and sink area and another for the vanity area.

Think that the decoration will also change the lighting and allow you to create effects of greater amplitude. As for the lights, assess whether you are more interested in white, neutral or warm bulbs, depending on the color of the shower, the toilets and the sink.

Mirrors and plants

In the same way, mirrors that incorporate LED lighting are also perfect for bathrooms, because they allow you to provide a different lighting, and especially interesting for daily hygiene and beauty tasks.

Likewise, bathroom renovation specialist also recommend adding plants to the decoration of your bathroom, because this will allow you to completely change and relax the environment, providing a unique decorative touch.