Why invest in Taj Residencia? Guide

The practice of selling constructed houses in installments is unusual, especially in Islamabad, which goes through its stages and responds to the real estate market’s highs and lows in its unique way. Pak Gulf Construction (Pvt) Ltd, a builder, best known for providing Islamabad’s business sector with a new theme in the shape of Centaurs, has arrived in Islamabad. Buyers looking for the best of everything have taken notice of their upcoming project.

The most outstanding aspect of this project is that the builder only offers properties on a monthly payment when they are ready to be taken possession of. This is a technique that isn’t used very often. Whatever you require to know can be found right here.

The project details

Even though Taj Residencia is under the control of the Rawalpindi Development Authority, it is closer to Islamabad and its significant areas than most of the Capital Development Authority’s essential projects. Its main entrance is located near CDA Zones I-14 and I-15 on the I-14/15 Link Road. In other words, the Taj Residencia is conveniently situated near Islamabad’s principal attractions.

The project is broken down into several sections, with development work completed in Blocks A, B, C, and D, with construction in Blocks E and F now continuing. Meanwhile, the developer is only accepting pre-launch reservations in the completed blocks, where all properties are available. In actuality, few homes are already constructed, with several more currently under construction. You’ll be surprised to hear that the designer has yet to render it available to the public.

The developer is also investing money to restore the I-14 Main Boulevard that connects Taj Residencia and Islamabad, which will be the location for the developer’s planned Centaurus II. However, our readers are mainly concerned about the approval status of any initiative. The RDA has authorized the society, so you can be assured that the builder will handle it for you. According to reliable sources, the builder has been granted permission to construct 10,000 Kanals of land.


Investors are concerned about the business they want to buy. The estate’s placement is incredibly essential for a multitude of reasons. The Taj Residencia benefits from its proximity to the CDA district. This society supplies all of life’s basic needs as well as plenty of extravagances. Both the ring road and the motorway are accessible from Taj Residencia. This district is accessible via Rawalpindi and is close to Islamabad’s international airport. This site also has the benefit of being removed from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

High Demand and Market Trends:

While properties in Taj Residencia are constantly in high demand, many who already own one are reluctant to sell because they believe market rates will rise even more once society’s official debut period has been announced. According to sources, while the neighborhood is ready for new residents to move in, many investors are interested in buying these homes. This is because these finished plots are offered on a two-year payment schedule with a booking charge of 30% of the overall plot price. 5-marla and 10-marla house plots are in high demand because the majority of these buyers are investors.

A NOC, or no-objection certificate, is issued by city officials to ensure that a housing area has access to essential services such as power, drainage, gas, and water. This is an important document since it assures investors that the development meets all of the municipal authority’s standards and has been essentially supported by government institutions— it’s legal. The RDA has approved the Taj Residencia NOC. This is another reason why we reckon this is a good and safe investment option.


In today’s economic climate, Taj Residencia appears to be the only viable investment option. This is the case due to the fact that it is a high-end housing complex with several facilities. Investors who choose to purchase ready-to-move luxury residences or a plot of land may be familiar with Taj Residencia’s development process. Furthermore, the costs are affordable. For the convenience of the heavy tax clientele, the vendors have designed a simple payment plan. This is the spot for you if you want a better quality of life at a fair price while still being nearby to the city’s center! Estate land Marketing can address any concerns you may have.

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