Why Getting a Triple Play Package is the Way to Go?

Whenever you’re planning to get a new broadband service for your home, we’re 100% sure that you’ve been asked to give Triple Play variants a shot. Now, what exactly is the science behind Triple Play packages? Should you give them a try? Or is it just a marketing tactic to reel new customers in?

Let’s find out.

Beginning with Basics

What are Triple Play Packages?

Triple Play is a marketing term used by ISPs. Under the Triple Play notion, two heavy bandwidth services, i.e. TV and Internet are delivered over a single broadband connection. There’s also a phone involved, polykarbonat but that doesn’t consume as bigger of bandwidth as the aforementioned two services do.

The main reason why ISPs offer Triple Play services is that they want to aim toward Supplier Convergence. Why go to different providers for different services when a single provider can offer you TV, Internet, and Phone at one place, and that too at a discounted rate?

Why Is It Best To Go With Triple Play Packages?

We’re not saying that Single and Double Play services aren’t as great. Spectrum Packages are available in an array of single and coupled options that’ll only make your life easier. However, if you’re seeking to save a substantial amount every month, then Triple Play packages are the way to go. Providers like to throw in extra cookies along with the basic 3 services i.e. Phone, Internet and TV, to keep things interesting.

For example, a standalone TV service may cost you less,but in a Triple Play package, you may get to enjoy additional perks such as free access to thousands of On Demand titles, channels in HD, and more. Moreover, you might get free internet equipment. So, all in all, Triple play packages are packed with an array of benefits. If we’ve tempted you into getting one in your household, then wait till you find out what’s next.

Top Triple Play Packages for Your Home

Now, if only you could find a list with all the top Triple Play packages in the USA………

Well, we heard you. We’re jotting down some of the USA’s top Triple Play packages from various providers. Confirm their availability in your neighborhood and ‘triple’ the ease in your life.

Spectrum Triple Play Gold

Spectrum Gold Package is a real steal. If you are looking for value for money, then you should opt for it. The package contains Spectrum TV Gold that comes with a gold standard channel lineup, HD programming, On Demand titles and so much more. Plus, you also get Spectrum Internet with speeds up to 200 Mbps, along with Spectrum Voice that offers unlimited phone calls at tremendously low prices. Moreover, there are bazillion more features included that make Spectrum Triple Play Gold truly one-of-a-kind.

Mediacom Xtream Triple Play

Moving on, we have Mediacom Xtream Triple Play. This one from Mediacom happens over a cutting-edge Fiber Optic internet network. You get fiber-rich Internet, with up to 100 Mbps download, a futuristic TV with the intelligent TiVo and 170+ TV channels, including all of your favorite genres, and unlimited nationwide calling with 17 handy features. If your neighborhood approves Mediacom’s availability, then this Triple Play deal is a catch we wouldn’t want you to miss.

AT&T Triple Play

This one from AT&T comes with the internet, TV, and phone. AT&T Internet offers download speeds up to 100 Mbps, including unlimited data. The TV is the unprecedented DIRECTV Entertainment with over 160 channels, 40,000+ On Demand titles, and a vast bunch of other features. Finally, everything is topped with a Phone that offers unlimited calling in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and other U.S territories, as well as 25+ features that add convenience to your calling, just like that.

Wrapping It Up

Triple Play Packages are great if you want to enjoy uncompromised entertainment, for an affordable monthly price. The aforementioned options are there just to familiarize you with the benefits. Currently, there are hundreds of ISPs offering their services across the US. Pick your favorite one that meets your needs, your budget and the availability, and start living your life to the fullest.