What to Know Before Moving to California

So, you’re through with the Northeast, the South, the Midwest, or wherever else in America you currently call home. And, not only that, but you’re thinking of hanging it up in California, the land of opportunity.

Congratulations! But before you start checking out Oakland houses for sale and really getting into things, there are some things you should know about California. While it’s a great state to live in due to its job opportunities, natural landscapes, weather, people, and so much more, it’s also a state just like any other, with its issues and setbacks right alongside all the good stuff.

So, here are three things to know about California before moving there.

They Like Healthy Food

You may have heard the rumors that California is pretty particular about its food. They’re all true. California is a state where it’s exceptionally easy to be vegetarian, vegan, or anything else you’d like to be regarding your diet.

From one end of the state to the other, you’ll be able to find enough specialty-diet restaurants to suit anyone. From vegan burgers to organic fruit smoothies to all the kale you can eat, it’s just a health-conscious state, and that’s a big positive to us.

It’s a Bit Expensive

Truth be told, California’s kind of a fancy state, with its environmental regulations and upscale properties and plethora of high-level jobs in the entertainment and tech industries.

The thing to remember before you move there is that things in California can get a bit expensive. The income tax takes a sizable portion of your earnings, but of course, you always get back what you put in. Your taxes will pay for public services, public safety, public schools, and so on.

Not everyone will become a huge earner in California, so you surely have to plan and budget carefully. But if you can make it in California, you’ll probably be set.

There Is a Ton to See

California is a big state, and there’s a lot of history there. There’s also a lot of landscapes within this one state. In the southeast, you get the Mojave Desert, yes, a real live desert. Then you can head west to enjoy cities such as San Diego, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, and the like.

Head up to Northern California for the beautiful green valleys and rugged mountains surrounding Salinas, Monterey, and all those other beautiful little places. Or take a cruise down State Route 1 to catch the breathtaking views of Big Sur set against the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

There’s a lot to see and photograph, so be sure to bring a camera!