Instagram Tips and tricks to master the Social Network

1. Save a High-Res Image without posting

Use these tips to store photos with high resolution modified from Instagram without sharing them.

  • Log into Instagram, tap on it to open your profile, reveal the hamburger symbol, then go to settings.
  • Press the Account, click Original Photos, and select Save Original Photos.
  • If you’re on an Android device, you can tap the Account and click Original Posts > toggle Saving Original Posts.
  • Now, any content you post will be stored locally on your computer. The goal is to save high-resolution edited photos without uploading them online, and that’s how you can accomplish this.
  • After activating the recommended setting, switch your phone to Airplane Mode.
  • Open Instagram and click + and then add any photo. You can edit the image. Continue until you’re on the final page, do not add the caption or location, and post the picture.
  • In other words, if Airplane mode is on, Instagram won’t be able to post the image, but in turn, you’ll be able to view the same idea that was edited on the gallery on your phone.
  • Before turning off Airplane mode, ensure you’ve deleted the photo on Instagram that was not posted. If you don’t delete the photo and switch off Airplane mode, the image will be automatically posted when you connect your phone to the Internet. If you want to increase your traffic, you can buy your Instagram followers with Mr. Insta.

2. Schedule Instagram Posts

Have you ever thought about how you could make your followers believe you’re on vacation even in the middle of a lockdown? One option is to keep posting one picture of your travels every day. How can you do this? Follow these steps.

  • The first method for scheduling posts requires an account for business. To convert your account into a business account, log into the Instagram app and tap the account’s icon. Then you need to tap on the hamburger button on the right-hand side and then go to the Settings. Then, go to account, and then, at the bottom will be an option to establish a business-only account. Choose it, and follow the instructions to convert your account into an enterprise account.
  • Make note that changing to a business bank account means the profile of your business account is made public since business accounts aren’t private. If this is a problem, I’d recommend you skip the next section.
  • Moving on, visit on your computer. This process is possible using a smartphone also. However, it’s not as seamless on phones.
  • When the site is up and running, click on the Instagram icon on top and link your Instagram account to this page to proceed.
  • The next step is select “Create Post” and then click to add an Instagram feed. Upload the image that you would like to put in a schedule. Input the caption, its location, and after all that, you can select the down button close to Publish and then select the option to schedule. Enter the date and time and when you’re finished, click the Schedule button by scheduling your post shortly.
  • This is an official method that can currently be used for business accounts. However, if you’ve got an ordinary account and wish to plan your posts on Instagram, you could use an app from a third party.
  • Get the Preview Preview application on your iPhone. To download it on Android, go to this link.
  • Follow the screen prompts to configure it.
  • When you have linked your Instagram account to your homepage, go to (+) and select Videos or Photos. Select the picture or video you’d like to set up.
  • After the image appears on your main screen, tap it. Then, you can also alter the appearance if you wish to. After that, click your thinking bubble.
  • In this section, you’ll have the option to make captions and hashtags. However, the most important thing is you must tap to schedule your post. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be asked to select your preferred timing and date. After that, click done.
  • Your post will be scheduled to be scheduled for later. You’ll be able to monitor and edit your scheduled posts by clicking the calendar icon in the upper right. If you want to remove the scheduled post, it is possible also.

3. Zoom In to Instagram Profile Photos

To see the larger Instagram Profile picture, follow these steps.

  • Go to and type in the user’s username whom you would like to view their profile photo to view in its entirety.
  • When you’ve found the profile you’re seeking, and it’s loaded, click the Full-Size button and scroll downwards. You can then take a screenshot of it and make memes or whatever you like to do. This is the way to go. You’re welcome.

4. Posting without giving access to the Camera, Photos, or Mic

Do you realize that you can post pictures, videos, and even stories and even stories without needing to authorize the application? What exactly is the procedure? You can access Instagram’s mobile site. Take these actions.

  • You can open Instagram on the browser on your phone.
  • To upload your photo, tap the + on the right of the screen >tap the Photo Library or choose a new picture. Select your imageand edit it the way you usually do, tap next and write the caption, add your location and tag the people. Once done, hit Share.
  • If you also want to post an IG story on the home screen, tap on the camera icon at the top, select an image, or click on an idea that you want to edit, and when you’re finished, tap Add it to the story to start.
  • The next step is to post videos within the story with an Android phone. Open the video you wish to share in the Gallery. Click to share the “Share” icon, then click to share your Instagram stories. It is impossible to share your videos on an Instagram story through an iPhone.
  • Finally, to post an image on your Instagram feed, using the Android phone, open the video and then click Share, then tap Instagram Feed. From there, you can modify your video. Tap then to add a caption and hit to share, and that’s all there is to it.
  • If you’re using an iPhone, go there to photos and select the video you’d like to post on the Instagram feed. Then, open Share Sheet and then select the Instagram option. iPhone users are only given the choice of adding captions. After that, click the OK button and share your post.

5. Keep Your Online Status Private and also Read Receipts

You may have seen a green dot icon that appears in front of the icon for your profile in DMs. The icon appears when a user is active on Instagram. But, there’s a function that allows you to block your profile’s online status on Instagram. Take these steps.

  • Start the Instagram app and navigate into Settings. Click the Privacy tab, tap Activity Status, and turn off the Activity Status feature.
  • In this way, no one will know whether you’re active on Instagram. On the other hand, it also means that you cannot see the status of your followers’ activity.
  • Another trick is to cover up receipts from reading. When you receive an update on Instagram, switch to the airplane feature on your smartphone instead of opening the conversation thread. When airplane mode is activated, you can return to the chats line and go through the message. So, you’ll be able to look over the message without notifying the sender that you’ve read their statement.
  • Before switching on airplane mode, ensure you have logged out of Instagram when you are done. Click on your account icon, reveal the hamburger button, and click the Settings. Scroll down to the bottom and choose the option to log off.
  • After you log out, you can switch off Airplane mode. Once you have your phone linked to the Internet, you can log into your Instagram account. Instagram account.
  • When you return to Direct to read the message, you’ll notice an unread badge in front of the sender’s message you just read just a few minutes ago. You can ignore this right now, as you’ve already read the message’s contents.

6. Commenting on Blog Posts

Yes, you can turn off comments for any one of your Instagram posts. For more information on how to do this, take these steps.

  • Browse to one of your Instagram posts, tap the three dots icon at the top right, and tap to turn off commenting.
  • To stop commenting after sharing your post, press the Advanced settings on the last page where you have added the caption and location. The next page will select the option to turn off commenting.
  • Go to your post, click the three dots icon on the right side, and tap to enable commenting.

7. Create a photo Collage on your Instagram Story

Follow these steps for a guide on creating collages of photos in Instagram stories without using any third-party application.

  • In the case of an iPhone, start the Instagram app and then tap the camera icon. Select a picture you’d like to post once the image is loaded, close Instagram, and open your photos app. After that, open the following photo, click the share icon, and tap Copy the photo.
  • Then go on Instagram, and you’ll be greeted by an icon on the left-hand side asking you to upload this image as an image sticker. Press it, and you’re done. Then, resize it and arrange it however you like. Repeat this step as many times as the number of times you want to create your collage. Once done, share your story.
  • For the Android side, it takes slightly longer. However, it’s feasible. Here’s how.
  • Get this Swiftkey keyboard from Google Play. Once the app has been installed, grant it all the rights and install it. After that, close Swiftkey.
  • Go to Instagram Stories and create a background for your photo collage. I’ll go with an all-black experience.
  • When you’re done, tap the middle until the keyboard is visible. After that, you click to open the symbol for stickers on the upper column of your keyboard. You followed by clicking the pin icon on the lower right. After this, you’ll need to click on the camera icon and then grant permission to the application, and then you’re done.
  • In this way, you can now choose any image as personal stickers. After you tap the image, it is displayed on the screen, following which you can change the size or layout. Repeat the process and upload as many photos as you’d like.

8. Decorate Your Feet with A Grid of Pictures

To enhance your Instagram feed with a grid of images, you’ll need a third-party app that can divide your photo into nine pieces. You can follow these directions.

  • For Android On Android, download Grid Maker for Instagram on Google Play. After installing, open the app and select the image you wish to divide into nine parts.
  • After the photo has been selected, make sure that the size 3×3 has been chosen. If you then click, you’ll be able to see your image split and divided into 9 different parts. Tap in the order you want to increase and keep posting to the IG feed.
  • If you own an iPhone, an app is available for download, the application Grid Post Grids Photos Crop, which allows you to cut your image into 9 parts.
  • After the app has been running, open it, choose 3×3 on top, and click Photos Grids. Then, tap select Photos, select your picture and then click Next. Continue moving until you reach the screen to edit. You can alter the image if you’d like or move on by tapping “Done.”
  • Like Android, you can tap the images in ascending order and post the entire collection to your IG feed.

9. Turn On Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication gives you the ability to add additional safety to your accounts. When 2FA is enabled, you’ll need an extra code each time you log in from a different device. To enable 2FA, you need to take these steps.

  • Go to the Instagram app on your mobile and then go into settings. Tap Security > tap Two-Factor Authentication > tap Get Started.
  • On the next screen, you will be able to choose the security method you want to use. We recommend you select the authentication application method. You’ll have to download an authenticator app like Google Authenticator or Authy and configure it.
  • Go back to Instagram. On your Choose the security options page, select the authentication application. The following screen will appear. You need to tap next. After that will redirect you onto the Google Authenticator application. Click OK and save your code to your account. Then, tap to add performance.
  • Copy the code from your page and copy it into Instagram. Click the Next button and then tap Do it.
  • On the following page, you’ll receive the recovery codes. Take note of the directions on the screen and then store them safely. That’s it.
  • If you have 2FA activated, whenever you log in from a different device, you will be required to enter a password after entering your password. This provides an additional level of security for Instagram.

10. Make Your Bio Unique with Custom Fonts

Instagram is a popular social media platform with thousands of followers, so how can you distinguish yourself? One option is to employ specific fonts. You can now not only post attractive photos on Instagram. However, you can also personalize your personal information so that they appear appealing to those who view your profile. Here’s how.

  • Visit your IG profile using your computer. It’s a computer, as it simplifies the process. It is also possible to do this with a cell phone.
  • After you’ve logged into the profile on IG, click Edit Profile. IG profile, click the Edit profile button, and copy your username.
  • Then you can open another tab and go to
  • Here, copy the text you copied earlier. After that, you’ll be able to view the text in various fonts. Select one, select it, and copy it. Then, return to your Instagram account and copy it.
  • In the same way, you can follow the procedure for your bio too.