Everything you need to know about Viral Launch

The leading software and service platform for assisting brands to source, launch, and rule the Amazon marketplace is called Viral Launch. All the key features are organized as menu items on the left side of your dashboard once you connect into your web account. 

“Product Discovery” and “Market Intelligence” are the two main parts you should pay attention to when looking for the ideal product to sell; they are located immediately below “Home.” In order to create precise sales projections and insights, Viral Launch now uses a well-connected system of complex algorithms, historical sales data, and real-time product data across all Amazon categories. As an Amazon seller you should read Viral Launch Review to increase your knowledge. 

It should come as no surprise that the Product Discovery tool offers a variety of entry points given the dynamic nature of the data structure. The system enables you to modify the search interface and focus on a certain group of product categories, for example, if you have a particular interest in those. The categories filter is only the first of many, after all. Additionally, you can look for appropriate items based on criteria like size, sales trends, review count, monthly revenue, and sales volume.

How Viral Launch works?

You can locate the best candidates for product sourcing in this way. Even though that list of requirements would be sufficient for the majority of merchants, Viral Launch goes beyond. It offers an additional set of sophisticated filters, including ones for the shipment size tier, organic sales to reviews, review change, total net profit, fulfillment, number of sellers, sales change, average profit margin, review rate, and others.

It’s usually a good idea to expose the resulting items to further market screening in order to examine your opportunities holistically. This is exactly what the market intelligence tool does, and the results show how the various product marketplaces are doing. Here is where things start to get a little interesting. In essence, Viral Launch aims to assist you in determining your chances of success in a particular area.

Final thoughts

The unique behavior of the chosen niche market is made clear by selecting the Market Trends tab. The data has been dissected by Viral Launch into a visual graph for quick and simple analysis. You may track the relative changes in price over a given period using the Average Price Trend graph, for instance. The related Average Review Count Trend graph is then created by Viral Launch using essentially the same process.

The Estimated Sales Trend graph, which illustrates the anticipated sales pattern, is the most significant component in this instance. In the end, Viral Launch evaluates all the pertinent product factors cumulatively in order to produce summarized indicators through the VL Analysis tab. As a result, you learn the range of potential monthly sales, the expected number of positive reviews you need to achieve a successful sale, and the overall product concept score.

The product idea score now essentially sums up everything. Viral Launch gives you up to five stars based on how well you might do with the chosen product. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that the Market Intelligence features are also accessible through the Viral Launch Chrome extension.