Common types of knives

Different types of kitchen knives are designed for different purposes. In this guide, we’ll look at the most common types of kitchen knives and you can easily find the best knife for your task.

In this article, we will discuss the most common types of knives which you can use in your day-to-day life. After that, you can buy the necessary ones from any prominent brand like Tops Bob.

The most common types of kitchen knives found in most kitchens are:

Bread knife

Bread knives have a serrated blade that helps cut through the crisp without breaking or crushing the bread slice.

Most bread knives have offset handles to prevent knuckles from getting caught on the cutting board. The usual size is about 25-35cm.

Chef knife

A chef’s knife that can be found in the kitchen of any restaurant. A versatile tool for most tasks.

A chef’s knife has a wide blade that tapers to a point. They are produced in several different sizes, the most popular from 15 to 27cm.

Kitchen hatchet

A wide-bladed ax, one of the largest knives a chef has in his toolbox.

Despite their size, cleavers are available with thin and light blades. Used for a variety of tasks such as chopping garlic, preparing vegetables, and slicing meat.

Cleaning knife

This versatile type of kitchen knife is used for a variety of cooking tasks, from peeling and chopping vegetables, fruits, cutting shrimp, and slicing a cheese plate. The most popular types of cleaning blades:

Spear The
top and bottom of the blades on these kitchen knives are curved vertically and the blade is shaped like a spear. Such a peeler knife is designed for processing small-sized products.

This type of cleaning knife has a blade that curves downward to mimic the shape of a claw. These kitchen knives are easy to peel round fruit and prepare fresh vegetable side dishes.

The Shipfoot
Kitchen Knife has a straight, flat blade that tapers towards a rounded tip, making it ideal for chopping and slicing fruits and vegetables.

Utility vegetable knife

For their purpose, the utility knives are located between the slicing knives and the cleaning knives.

They have serrated edges and a blade that is slightly longer than standard peeler knives. A sharp knife is very effective for slicing fruits and vegetables, and they are the perfect cooking tool.

Special knives

There are other types of kitchen knives that are less common than the previous ones. Such knives have a specific specification for a specific cooking process.

Slicer knife

A kitchen knife with a long, straight blade and a rounded tip. Designed for accurate cutting of meat and rolls.

Most slicer knives have a notched edge to prevent the product from coming off during slicing.

Boning knife

There is a flexible, semi-flexible and rigid boning knife option. This knife allows you to easily separate the meat from the bone.

Deboning knives come in various sizes and are available for different types of meat.

Fillet knives

The main purpose of fillet knives is to separate films, skin, veins from meat or fish.

With this type of knives, even pieces of peeled fillets are cut for further cooking. This can be done easily, since the knife has a thin blade.

Pastry knives

Among all types of kitchen knives, pastry is the longest knife. Average knife size 50-60cm

Suitable for cutting large cakes and other confectionery

Pizza knife

This knife is designed for smooth, beautiful and precise cutting of pizzas and other similar dishes.

The blade of this kind of kitchen knife is fixed on a rotating roller.

Usub knives

Usuba knives have a razor-sharp edge, a thin blade and one-sided sharpening.

Blade lengths from 15 to 24 cm are ideal for cutting vegetables and fish into thin slices.

Santoku knives

Santoku knives have a shape and design very similar to the classic chef’s knife.

Santoku and can be used for a variety of cooking tasks such as chopping, shredding, and dicing.

Sashimi knives

A must for any sushi restaurant, sashimi knives have long, thin blades that allow chefs to slice into thin slices of raw fish without tearing apart tender meat.

Because of their length, sashimi knives can also be used to cut large pieces of fish.

Deb’s knives

Deb’s knives are often used as a light to medium sized kitchen hatchet.

The average length of the knives is about 25-30cm, the powerful blade allows you to butcher poultry, crabs and lobsters.